Industrial feedback (successes and failures) in deployment of Model Based Systems Engineering.
Identification of key modelling activities and modelling tool assessment.
Modeling support: training, coaching, customization and prototyping
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Analysis of engineering practices and highlight of deviations from standards (ISO 15288, ARP4754A, DO178B/C, ECSS..).
Suggestions on global and localized improvements.
Formalization through standard modelling notation (BPMN)Learn More
Identify and write good requirements.
Define/improve Requirement Engineering and traceability process.
Select Requirement Engineering tool according to customer processes and tooling environment.
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Using models to formalize requirements, architecture and ensure traceability.
Using models to support architecture trade-off at different levels: function, component or technology.
Using simulation and co-simulation for early validation of requirements in development cycle but also in operations.
Using models for early validation of requirements and architecture verification using Model-Based Testing (MBT), model-checking, and proof.
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