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Samares Engineering delivers consulting services and technical solutions in the field of Systems Engineering.
With strong experience in embedded systems and recognized expertise in Model-Based Systems Engineering we help system suppliers in improving their engineering processes, designing their systems with higher maturity, in fewer iterations, and evaluating system architectures more accurately.

We lead missions for different populations and maturity levels. Our customers come from Research, Education, and Industry, and we provide services that range from awareness to evaluation of methods and tools through pilot projects, and up to the deployment in operational projects. Most of those missions include evaluation, coaching, training, and support on methods and tools.

See our happy clients and partners below and look at expertise and services: Systems Engineering Processes, Model-Based Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, simulation and co-simulation and technical articles (blog) to get a clear idea.

Samares Engineering has got french status of “Young Innovative Company” for 2017 to 2019 period.

Customers in research and industry


Samares Engineering DNA

Wikipedia mentions that a Samara is a type of fruit with a shape like a wing that enables the wind to carry the seed further away than regular seeds from the parent tree.
Like samara, Samares Engineering intends to act as a spreading actor of best Systems Engineering practices amongst industrial domains. We try to behave as a set of seeds flying between research, education and industry in order to encourage and widespread promising results.
At Samares Engineering, we are convinced that intensive usage of models can bring many benefits for system engineers.
For instance, with formalizing textual requirements we accelerate maturity of specification because we can detect errors, ambiguities and inconsistencies earlier in the cycle than with “traditional” document approach. Modeling language forces us to fully understand the requirement so that we can translate it the right way. We can not escape issues and misunderstandings are immediately revealed.
By using models instead of documents along with the development and maintenance cycles, any company can reduce time to market and maintenance cost because maturity can be achieved with less development cycles and each cycle is shorter. We support our clients  turning this promise into reality.
Look at expertise for first details and contact us if you wish to know more.

Top 4 skills

Systems Engineering 80%
Model Driven Development 80%
Product Line Engineering 60%
Model simulation and cosimulation 70%