Samares Engineering has a Capella Skills and sevices Center composed of several MBSE Engineers and leaded by Senior MBSE Engineer Sébastien Dubé who has experience of ARCADIA/CAPELLA operational deployment for industrial project.

Samares-Engineering has also been an active contributor for the building of the AIDA case study developped at IRT St-Exupery.

Health Agriculture UAV Case Study

This skills and services Center has developed its own case study to support Capella Services, support and training offer.

This case study is based on a Health Agriculture Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (HAUAV) application dedicated to spray aquaeus solution on field crops to protect against pathogens.


Samares-Engineering provides a 6 modules training for Practical MBSE approach with Arcadia method and Capella Tool.

For more details, see training section.

Services, coaching and deployment support

Samares-Engineering provides coaching for capella and Arcadia and deployment support services including:

  • Support Workshops on customer case studies
  • Specific Development of M2Doc generators for documents generation
  • Development of Specific Guidelines and modeling rules tuned for specific customer usage
  • Support and customization of specific properties values dedicated to Customer process and specificities
  • Provides Samares experience and feedback about field’s deployment of MBSE method in industrial companies