Example of mission

Customer goals:

  • Choose a requirement management tool able to:
    • Conform to the customer engineering process
    • Integrate with customer tooling environment
    • Support navigation between artifacts along traceability links, especially between requirements and design model elements
  • Get a formal tool selection process so that choice can be clearly understood by staff and other departments:
    • Formal set of criteria, clearly defined so that we can evaluate them with a score from 1 to 5
    • Rationale for high level criteria used to initiate a first list of 12 tools
    • Rationale for each criterion and for weights associated to criteria
    • Mark for evaluation of each criteria for each tool and comments to explain mark if needed

  1. Formalize engineering process to detail all required activities concerning requirement management and traceability (Import upstream requirements, derive them into current requirements, define architecture and trace it to requirements…, analyse changes in upstream requirements…)
  2. List all tools connected to requirement engineering( version control system, modeling tools used to formalize, illustrate or simulate requirements, documentation generation/management…)
  3. Define key criteria for tool selection taking into account support of Engineering process activities, integration with customer tool environment and standard criteria about requirement management tool (ISO/IEC TR 24766:2009)
  4. Perform evaluation of Requirement Engineering tools according to a set of criteria