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Raphael Faudou (Samares Engineering) was a key contributor in the architecture definition of several MBSE projects for Airbus Engineering.
He has a deep knowledge of SysML language, Model Driven Development, and works with a good methodology – Mars 2015 –
Raphael Faudou has been working in my Systems Engineering teams in the frame of a large avionics development. He’s been coaching efficiently Systems Engineers to apply a Model-Based Systems Engineering methodology he has contributed largely to edit.
He is not only a bright engineer but also someone able to listen and adapt.
I fully recommends his skills as coach – Mars 2015 –
Raphael Faudou (Samares Engineering) did a real good job in training and supporting our system engineers on modelling practices. He has a true experience in system engineering with efficient analysis capabilities : his modelling domain deep knowledge (methods and tools) allows him to propose adapted solutions for industrial projects.
I fully recommends his skills as coach – Mars 2015 –